Big Screen TV

 Hey Shadow, this big screen TV is great.  You can see so many different moving things.  Birds in the trees, butterfly's that try to land on my nose, squirrels that talk with me.  Why have the humans been hiding this great TV screen from me?


A Quiet Week At Home

It has been a  quiet week at home.  We got to ride in the she type's hammock for people.  It was a moving experience to say the least.


Stealth Learning The Ropes

Shadow, so what is this whole leaving the house when the he type is home.  I mean they are not taking me to leave me anywhere so what exactly are we doing?

Well Stealth, we are simply going outside on an adventure.  The point of the day is to gather as many smells and sites as we can.


Stealth's First Adventure

It's been three weeks since Stealth has come and invaded my territory, but it's not so much of an invasion MOST days.  This week the adventure weekend continued.  It has been three whole weeks since I have had an adventure, and was I ready.  Stealth got to come along with us.


Giving Kitty A Bath

So one of the ways to get Stealth ready for the water is to give him a bath.  Water baths also make a cat look handsome just as a side note. Oh, yeah!  Bath time.  So Stealth got his first bath at our house on wheels then I got a bath just to look handsome.

He was not sure of the whole water thing at first.  He is a small kitten so he needed a lot of reassurance.